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Alpha Course

What is Alpha?

For those with questions about God and life, the Alpha course is an opportunity to explore and discuss the Christian faith; no question is too simple, hostile or out there.

Alpha is for everyone, all ages, demographics, perspectives and beliefs.
The course is free and run in a relaxed and casual environment with a meal or refreshments amongst others with similar questions. Some of the questions which will be asked are: How can I develop a relationship with God? Who is Jesus? and is there more to life than this?

You don't have to commit to the whole course - drop in for the first night and see what you think. There's no pressure, no follow up and no charge!

Meeting Times

Our Alpha course runs annually for 7 to 10 weeks starting on Sunday the 3rd of May. This might change however, so if you’re interested do get in touch! A contact form and contact details are available below.

Official Website

For more information on the Alpha course and to read personal testimonies on the impact it’s making on people’s lives, you can visit the official website by clicking or visiting:


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P.O. Box 42213, Orakei, Auckland 1745

Phone: 09 521 4321