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Sunday Study Group

Topic: The ACTS - “Early Church – Jerusalem to Rome”. "God steps into history as the Perfect God-Man, the only Saviour and Lord of mankind – The worlds were made by Him and He enters this world and delivers by word and deed the good news about the defeat of sin and death – and this message forms the firm foundation of the Gospel – our faith which was “once delivered to the apostles” (Jude 3).

This study goes verse by verse through the book of ACTS, and takes up the Gospel story as the message of salvation moves beyond the Resurrection, Ascension and Session of the Lord and sees the Divine Commission of the Lord, Matthew 28:18-20, carried through by his disciples and their converts. ACTS explores the story of the Jesus-transformed women and men who took the Gospel to the heart of the Roman Empire – the “evil Empire” of its day. Don't be “fluffy headed” about the Roman Empire – the “Pax Romana” (peace that Rome built) was the peace of death to any who opposed them! Their motto – “Let the barbarians hate us, only let them fear us!”

E-Books of the notes on Acts will be made available below at no cost. Printed copies can be made at the cost of $20 per volume if needed. Please email me at if you need them sent directly to you." - Dr John C McEwan.

Study Resource Downloads

Book 75-1: Book of Acts Volume 1 Download.
Book 75-2: Book of Acts Volume 2 Download.
Book 75-3: Book of Acts Volume 3 Download.
Book 75-4: Book of Acts Volume 4 Download.
Book 76 : Romans Download.
Book 80 : Ephesians Download.
Book 81 : Philippians Download.
Book 82 : Colossians Download.

Tuesday Study Group

Topic: Great Lives - Mentors of Faith. Abraham to Moses.

E-book material will be posted on the OBC and GCC website for download as we advance. These books can also be downloaded from the EBCWA website, under “Old Testament Commentaries”: Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.

Study Resource Downloads

The Life of Abraham: Mentor of a life lived in faith (Genesis 12:1-25:11) Download.
The Life of David: David's last years Download.
The Life of David: As king: the lessons of maturity Download.
The Life of Joseph: Humility lifted up in God’s time (Genesis 37-50) Download.
The Life of Joshua: Part 1: Moving out to seize the promises of God and make them your own Download.
The Life of Joshua: Part 2: Administration and follow through to the end Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 1: Mentor of humility and tenacity (Exodus) Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 2: Mentor of humility and tenacity (Exodus) Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 3: (Numbers 1-12) Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 4: Hard lessons on God's route to the land of promise (Numbers 13-24) Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 5: Preaching and events on the plains of Moab Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 6: To advance - we must learn from history Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 7: Love and obedience in all areas of life Download.
The Life of Moses: Part 8: Blessing or cursing? (Deuteronomy 27-34) Download.
The Life of Solomon:   Download.
The Lives of Samuel the Judge and Saul the King: Leadership in times of oppression Download.
The Death of Saul and Life of David his Replacement: Leadership in contrast Download.
The Lives of the Judges: Part 1: Mixed leadership profiles – what to do and what not to do Download.
The Lives of the Judges: Part 2: The leadership chaos that led into the days of Samuel Download.
The Lives of the Later Kings: Part 1: In the shadow of giants Download.
The Lives of the Later Kings: Part 2: (2 Kings 1-13) Download.
The Lives of the Later Kings: Part 3: Into the valley of the shadow of death Download.
The Lives of Isaac and Jacob: Mentors to encourage us in God's great grace (Genesis 25:12–36:42) Download.

Thursday Morning ESOL Study Group

Topic: The Letters to the Earliest Churches: James, Galatians, Thessalonians, Corinthians and so on.

Study Resource Downloads

Book 85-a : 1Timothy Download.
Book 86-a : 2Timothy Download.
Book 89 A : Hebrews Download.
Book 91-A : 1Peter Download.
Book 92-A : 2Peter Download.
Book 96-A : Jude Download.

Thursday Evening Study Group

Topic: The Gospel of Matthew.

Study Resource Downloads

Book 70-1A : Matthew Chapter 1-7 Download.
Book 70-2A : Matthew Chapter 8-14 Download.
Book 70-3A : Matthew Chapter 15-21 Download.
Book 70-4A : Matthew Chapter 22-28 Download.

Topic: Church History & Pastoral Care.

The first half of the year we will cover Church History from 32 AD through until the end of the twentieth century. Once the Mid-week church service (“Deepen”) is going strong we will shift to Pastoral Care as the topic around mid-year point.

Study Resource Downloads

Book 06: Church history Download.
Book 07: Pastoral theology notes Download.
Book 112: Biblical leadership Download.
Book 113: Revival and renewal Download.
Book 114: Minister’s handbook Download.
Book 115: Understanding other religions we meet in evangelism Download.
Book 270: The fruit of the great awakening of the 18th century Download.

Recommended Reading

For those in pastoral work:

Bruce Shelley: Church History in Plain Language Buy Here.
Jay E Adams: Shepherding God’s Flock Buy Here.

"Bruce’s book was written for students in African seminaries, uses simple language, and has lots of references to other study material on church history. Bruce has sadly passed away, but the fourth edition has been revised by a colleague and is still better than most out there. You'll find I will disagree with Bruce on a number of points, but that is what I want you to see as we go through. We are learning discernment as we study Church History.

We need to remember that “Official Church History” is written by people in power, and “real born again believers” may not be in such places of power at all – and so we will be examining what is said critically. We are looking at the subject asking always, what is the Holy Spirit doing through the years with God’s people, and also what is the enemy doing within the organized and “official church” at times?

Jay E Adams is the man I refer to as the “father of Christian Counselling”. He is a strong Calvinist in Theology, and so I will disagree with him on some points, but I love this man as a very dear brother in the Lord. He greatly helped me in the early days of the establishment of Christian Counselling in this country, and I value him and his written material greatly. We will see many practical points from our brother Jay in this book, and I encourage all to purchase this before this Course begins Mid-year and pre-read it over the Easter Holidays." - Dr John C McEwan.

Other Resources

The First Coming: From a Harmony of the Gospels. Summary. ESOL Applicable Download.
The First Coming: From a Harmony of the Gospels. Books 1-26 (ZIP) Download.
Book 128-1 : Fulfilled Prophecy Download.
Book 128-2 : Globalisation Download.
Book 128-3 : Israel's And Global Politics Download.
Book 128-4 : Natural And Man Made Trends Download.
Book 128-5 : God's Eternal Plan Download.
Psalms - Part 1: Psalms 1 to 8 Download.
Psalms - Part 2: Psalms 9 to 16 Download.
Psalms - Part 3: Psalms 17 to 20 Download.
Psalms - Part 4: Psalms 21 to 25 Download.
Psalms - Part 5: Psalms 26 to 31 Download.
Psalms - Part 6: Psalms 32 to 36 Download.
Psalms - Part 7: Psalms 37 to 41 Download.
Psalms - Part 8: Psalms 42 to 57 Download.
Psalms - Part 9: Psalms 58 to 72 Download.
Psalms - Part 10: Psalms 73 to 89 Download.
Psalms - Part 11: Psalms 90 to 106 Download.
Psalms - Part 12: Psalms 107 to 118 Download.
Psalms - Part 13: Psalms 119 Download.
Psalms - Part 14: Psalms 120 to 134 Download.
Psalms - Part 15: Psalms 135 to 150 Download.
Book 91: First Peter, a commentary Download.
Book 72-1 : Luke Chapter 1-6 Download.
Book 72-2 : Luke Chapter 7-12 Download.
Book 72-3 : Luke Chapter 13-18 Download.
Book 72-4 : Luke Chapter 19-24 Download.

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