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The Gospel of John (& 1 John)

John 15:1-15:11

15/12/2019 Christ is the true vine

John 14:19-14:31

08/12/2019 Christ answers Judas not Iscariot

John 14:8-14:19

01/12/2019 Christ answers Philip

John 14:1-14:9

24/11/2019 Christ answers Thomas

John 14:1-14:4

17/11/2019 The promised return of Christ

John 13:31-13:38

03/11/2019 Judas withdraws, Prediction of Peter's fall

John 13:1-13:30

27/10/2019 The foot washing in the upper room

John 12:27-12:50

20/10/2019 The evil of unbeliever

John 12:14-12:28

13/10/2019 Visit of the Greeks

John 12:13-12:19

06/10/2019 Christ the lamb of Passover

John 12:1-12:13

29/09/2019 Gifting in the Lord and Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem

John 11:35-12:8

22/09/2019 Supper at Bethany, Mary anoints Jesus

John 11:27-11:44

15/09/2019 Jesus talks with Mary, raises Lazarus from the dead

John 11:1-27

01/09/2019 Jesus the Resurrection and Life

John 10:16-42

25/08/2019 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me

John 10:1-16

18/08/2019 I am the good shepherd

John 9

11/08/2019 Jesus heals the man born blind

John 8:12-8:59

04/08/2019 Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM

John 8:20-8:48

28/07/2019 Jesus warns against unbelief and the true children of Abraham

John 8:1-8:20

21/07/2019 Jesus the Light of the world and the woman taken in adultery

John 7:28-7:53

14/07/2019 Jesus teaches in the temple and the last day of the feast

John 7:1-7:27

07/07/2019 Jesus at the feast of Taberacles

John 6:60-7:10

23/06/2019 Questioning disciples and Peter's great affirmation

John 6:41-6:59

16/06/2019 The Jews dispute Jesus' claim

John 6:22-6:40

09/06/2019 Jesus - The Bread of Life

John 6:7-6:24

26/05/2019 Jesus feeds the five thousands and calms the storm

John 5:33-6:9

19/05/2019 Trust the Lord, not men

John 5:10-5:32

12/05/2019 Jesus Christ's relationship with the Father

John 4:43-5:9

05/05/2019 Cure of nobleman's son and healing of the man at Bethesda

John 4:16-4:42

28/04/2019 The woman of Samaria and Living Water

John 3:25-4:18

14/04/2019 See people equally as God sees them and be ready for the divine appointments meeting them

John 3:18-3:32

07/04/2019 He must increase, but I must decrease

John 3:1-3:18

31/03/2019 To be Born Again

John 2:18-3:4

24/03/2019 The temple of His body, the question from Nicodemus

John 2:1-2:17

17/03/2019 The first miracle- Water into Wine, and the Passover in the Temple

John 1:35-1:51

10/03/2019 Jesus Baptised and the calling of Andrew, Peter, Philip and Nathanael

John 1:19-1:34

03/03/2019 The Ministry Of John The Baptist At The Jordan

John 1:1-1:18

24/02/2019 Prologue

John Intro (2)

17/02/2019 The Seven Signs and Seven "I Am's"

John Intro (1) w Rev 1

10/02/2019 The revelation of Jesus Christ